Single And Ready To Mingle

If you haven’t heard yet then you are about to be shocked and probably disgusted. Bella Thorne and Scott Disick are an item, or at least a fling. Yes Bella Thorne who turns 20 in October and Scott, 34, Kourtney Kardashian’s ex husband have a fling going on. The question is, is it a relationship or just a fling, someone to cuddle with and have sex with.? HMMM.??

They were spotted in Cannes, where Kourtney is with her new beau as well BTW, but they were in another part of Cannes chilling by the poolside with Bella’s older sister and her boyfriend. Talking about double date to help your sister get it on with her very much older “boyfriend”.

I am not shocked. I love Bella Thorne, but she always been a racy type of young woman and that is okay. She embraces it and is okay with it. I wish her happiness. She’s young let her mingle, after all she is SINGLE.! UNLESS SHE IS IN FACT IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH A FATHER OF THREE WHO’S 15 YEARS HER SENIOR……..ūü§Ēūü§Ēūü§Ē





That’s So Raven SpinOff


If you haven’t heard yet I will tell you NOW that Raven Symone announced on The View that she is leaving the talk show in a few weeks because she is executive producing the That’s So Raven spin-off.! Yes she is going to be reprising her role as Raven Baxter.! We don’t know if any of the other characters are coming back, but we do know what it will be about.!

Raven Baxter is a divorced single mom with two children.! One of her children finds out they have a gift.!! YES one of her children inherits her grandmother’s and her’s gift.!! So now Raven Baxter has to teach her child about it and probably has to introduce her children into that type of world.!

I am soo excited.!! This is why she’s only been on The View every Friday only because of this spin-off.! Raven said they don’t have a name for it yet, but she is calling it That’s So Raven “2”.! I am excited for this to come out.! I can’t wait to see who else comes back.! Maybe her bff Chelsea.! I doubt Eddie will because Orlando Brown been in lots of police trouble since the show ended.! Maybe we will see Cory and her parents every now and then too.!

P.S. Raven said they are hosting auditions for her “children” and other positions so if you want to be in THE spinoff of Disney Channel apply for an audition.

P.S.S. Who would have thought that a Disney channel star would return to disney.!! BUT I AM SURE EVERYONE IS HAPPY ABOUT THIS.!!!!! THAT’S SO RAVEN WAS THE SHOW.!!! AND NOW WE ARE COMING BACK FOR A SPIN OFF.!!!!!!!!!!!


Brangelina SPLIT

The couple that has been together for 11 years, married for 2 of those years are DIVORCING.!!!!!

YES you read that right.! Angelina filed for divorce from Brad.!!!! There are a lot of rumors swirling over why, but the main reason is because of his constant substance abuse and she couldn’t handle that anymore.! She filed for sole custody claiming that Brad should not be granted custody of their SIX children.! Apparently he’s the stricter parent and with him being a substance abuser he yells at them more often and she feels her children are in danger because of his abuse.!

Other rumors that are swirling are that he cheated on her with his co-star Marion Cotillard.! Apparently Angelina thought something was up with Brad (it’s been said that Angelina is the JEALOUS type and it gets out of hand at time) so she hired a PI and found out he was cheating on her with Marion.! Now again these are rumors, but because of this story¬†being headlines there is a third-party that got involved. . . JENNIFER ANISTON.

People are saying Jennifer is probably at home with her friends laughing at the couple saying KARMA is a BITCH.! If you don’t know Jennifer and Brad were married and he allegedly cheated on her which caused them to divorce and right after the divorce was finalized he was¬†with Angelina Jolie his co-star at the time.! Then Mr &Mrs.Smith(the name of their movie) became an item.!! Since 2005 they were together having children and adopting.! 3 are biologically their’s and 3 are adopted.! They got married in 2014 and now 2 years later Angelina is filing for a divorce.!

I guess they were better off being in a committed relationship.! Maybe marriage isn’t for everyone and sometimes you just need to be in a relationship without marriage.! I guess Angelina listened to Beyonc√©’s Lemonade album and said she’s had ENOUGH.!! I guess like people say, how you get them is how you lose them………….

Hoping the children involved are doing okay and praying for things to be better with however everything turns out.!! Lesson here If you know you got them in the wrong way don’t expect them to not do it to you.! And sometimes you shouldn’t mess with a good thing.!¬†9 years of being in a relationship then they get married and it just didn’t work.! Maybe marriage wasn’t for them, maybe they should have just left it alone it probably would have worked out…. who knows.!!



It Ended With “Red”

Okay everyone I got gossip for you all.! Taylor Swift is single AGAIN.!!! That girl is going to run out of men to date lmao.!

The three months romance, meeting parents, friends, traveling the world is done for the Hiddleston-Swift.! Now apparently it ended because well Taylor just isn’t a red carpet with a man type of woman.! Tom wanted her to accompany him to his red carpet affair and she was not having that.! Now if you don’t know yet, Taylor does not walk red carpets with ANYONE who’s not apart of her girl group or family.! He thought she would change that for him.!! Sorry prince charming that isn’t the case.!

Taylor was starting to worry he was falling in love with the idea of being with her.! He I guess was loving the private jets she flew him on, the publicity he was getting, and just being in the spotlight because he was with her.! He was excited for the fame and she didn’t want to be used.! So they amicably split.! He didn’t want to hide the relationship and he wanted an arm candy to take places, while she wanted her space and only wanted him when need be.! Oh BOY.!! LOLS.! Well that summer romance ended quickly.! Lets see who she gets with next.!!!


Hey everyone I got some juicy gossip for everyone.!

So if you haven’t heard yet Ariana Grande and Mac Miller are apparently an item now.! YUCK.!!!! I don’t like them together but at the end of the day it’s not my relationship.! Why is it that she has to have a man to date.? She just broke up with her ex boyfriend and even fired him from being her backup dancer about a month ago.! Then¬†a week¬†after the breakup you hear about her and Mac Miller being together all the time then they made it snapchat official just a few days ago.!

Now if you guys don’t remember Mac Miller starred as Ariana’s boyfriend in “The Way” music video where they kissed and she said that she hated kissing him because he smokes and his breath smelt terrible.! Well he collaborated AGAIN on one of her song’s for a remix.! He remixed Into You and now I guess they are dating for publicity.! Honestly with Ariana Grande’s track record with men it will last for a year or even less.!! She’s becoming a Taylor Swift.!

Adrienne engaged twice within a Year

Hey everyone.! I got some more juicy celeb gossip.!

Now if you haven’t heard Adrienne Bailon got engaged. . . AGAIN. . . FOR THE THIRD TIME.!!!!! Yes if you remember she was engaged to Rob Kardashian (4 years), then to Lenny Santiago(6 years), now to her bf/best friend that she has known for years, but been with for 8 months Israel Houghton.!

She was recently engaged last year before calling it off 8 months later, to Lenny, which her current fiancée Israel congratulated them on. adrienne lenny engagement

I guess their living situation was a huge problem with him living in NY with his children and her just moving to LA for her job The Real Talk Show.!

Israel has children as well and I guess she loves being a stepmother LOL.! Her ring is bigger and the proposal was better as well.! He proposed to her while they were in Europe, Paris to be exact since they were traveling there for the whole summer and he flew in her parents for their Anniversary and once they celebrated her parents anniversary he popped the question to which she said yes. She then of course showed off the ring.!!!

Either way I wish her nothing, but happiness and hey here’s hoping third time is in fact a charm.!

Jelena Is Definitely Dead

If you had any hope that Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez was going to reconcile their relationship then I am very sorry to inform you that it will NOT be happening.!

Don’t get me wrong they were THE couple when they were solid for those 2 years.! Then they were on and off and it became more of a routine to just be together since they didn’t know anything different.! They were each other’s first true love, each other’s first everything, and the more people told them not to be together the more they tried to prove them wrong, but Justin’s cheating self is something Selena couldn’t subject herself to anymore.! Respectively they both moved on and still talked to each other, probably until now.!

Justin posted a picture of a lady friend.! We don’t know who she is or if they are even dating, BUT his “FANS” started bashing her.! Calling her names and being very rude.! So his response was to write to everyone and say he will make his page private because his fans kept being so rude to his friends and he had enough.! Selena then came in and commented under his photo defending the Beliebers, but it angered Justin.! This is what was said…….


After all of this Justin deactivated his Instagram.! Now not only was #SelenadestroysJustinParty trending at #4 on Twitter, BUT now #JustinDeactivatedParty is trending now at #5.

Selena since snapchatted a picture saying she is sorry and what she did was selfish and unfair.!!

I guess Jelena is really dead and Justin just had enough.!! RIP JELENA

Gabby And The National Anthem

I don’t watch sports.! I guess I never had that person to get me into it.! But Gabby Douglas is all over my Facebook and I had to look to see what the HUGE problem is.!

Gabby is getting some hate tweets online because the woman forgot to raise her hand to her chest for the national anthem.! She immediately tweeted that it wasn’t that she didn’t want to, she was just overwhelmed that the women won another gold medal at the Olympics.! Yes the USA women Olympics won another GOLD MEDAL AGAIN.!!!!!!! She said,

“In response to a few tweets I saw tonight, I always stand at attention out of respect for our country whenever the national anthem is played.”

“I never meant any disrespect and apologize if I offended anyone. I’m so overwhelmed at what our team accomplished today and overjoyed that we were able to bring home another gold for our country.”

Honestly the woman behind her looks more bored and annoyed doing the national anthem, but I bet they didn’t get on her about it.! At least Gabby was smiling.! CONGRATS USA OLYMPICS AND GABBY DON’T EVEN WORRY ABOUT THOSE RUDE PEOPLE.!! KEEP SHINING GIRL.!!!¬†

Tamar & THE REAL

Okay so if you haven’t heard Tamar is still apparently bitter with her ex co-hosts.! She shaded Adrienne Bailon and Tamera Mowry for showing up to her child’s birthday party to just “take pictures” and then they left.! She even shaded Loni Love after Loni’s interview saying they haven’t talked in a while but she wish all if this hasn’t happened.! Tamar said in a tweet that she wish people will stop talking about her if she was such a bad person.!


Tamera Mowry did a periscope chat and a fan asked if her and Tamar still talk and she said yes,¬†BUT¬†Tamar said she hasn’t talked to NOONE since the whole airplane ride.! Apparently her and Tamera were both on the same flight and I guess they said hi but that was it.! She went on a twitter rant “CLEARING¬†things up.! Honestly no one knows what is going on with Tamar.! We don’t know if she is just still bitter about her and¬†ONLY HER¬†being fired from “THE REAL” or what.! But as far as we can see no one honestly says anything bad about her.! No one worries about her.! Adrienne Bailon is traveling Europe with her boyfriend, which you can check on her snapchat realadrienneb, Tamera I believe is doing a movie and has been busy with her two children and husband, Jeanine Mai is traveling with her mother back to their hometown, and Loni is a comedian who has a performance to put on each week.! So why she thinks people really care about her and why she feel the need to talk negative about them¬†NOONE UNDERSTANDS.!!

Don’t you have another talk show in the works.?? Thanks to your husband for setting it up.! Yes Steve Harvey is giving her own show.! But¬†NOONE¬†has heard anything else about it since her interview with Steve.! But she said she is working on a new album.! At least she will be busy with something and won’t have to spread such jealousy and negativity around.!





Ariana Grande had an opportunity of a lifetime and screwed that up.! She had a lineup to perform at the White House Gala last year for the PRESIDENT AND FIRST LADY last year, but according to DNC leaked emails she got DENIED.!!!!!! Yes the talented Ariana got denied.! Not because she can’t sing because the girl can hold those notes, BUT because of her scandal of the donut licking LAST YEAR.!!!¬†

If you don’t know what I am talking about then here is a quick breakdown.!

Last year Ariana just got her wisdom teeth taken out and her and her boyfriend/backup dancer Ricky went to a donut shop with friends and she was caught on camera licking the donuts and putting them back on the display.! Then she got the wrong order and instead of politely telling the woman she gets angry and ask what is wrong with her and this is why she F***ing HATES AMERICA.!!!!! *CUESGASPS* 

Of course she apologized IMMEDIATELY, BUT apparently that didn’t fly with the President or the First Lady or anyone in the White House because they denied her.! Her fans are still on her side though.! People makes mistakes.! Hell I still love her no matter what.!!!