That’s So Raven SpinOff


If you haven’t heard yet I will tell you NOW that Raven Symone announced on The View that she is leaving the talk show in a few weeks because she is executive producing the That’s So Raven spin-off.! Yes she is going to be reprising her role as Raven Baxter.! We don’t know if any of the other characters are coming back, but we do know what it will be about.!

Raven Baxter is a divorced single mom with two children.! One of her children finds out they have a gift.!! YES one of her children inherits her grandmother’s and her’s gift.!! So now Raven Baxter has to teach her child about it and probably has to introduce her children into that type of world.!

I am soo excited.!! This is why she’s only been on The View every Friday only because of this spin-off.! Raven said they don’t have a name for it yet, but she is calling it That’s So Raven “2”.! I am excited for this to come out.! I can’t wait to see who else comes back.! Maybe her bff Chelsea.! I doubt Eddie will because Orlando Brown been in lots of police trouble since the show ended.! Maybe we will see Cory and her parents every now and then too.!

P.S. Raven said they are hosting auditions for her “children” and other positions so if you want to be in THE spinoff of Disney Channel apply for an audition.

P.S.S. Who would have thought that a Disney channel star would return to disney.!! BUT I AM SURE EVERYONE IS HAPPY ABOUT THIS.!!!!! THAT’S SO RAVEN WAS THE SHOW.!!! AND NOW WE ARE COMING BACK FOR A SPIN OFF.!!!!!!!!!!!



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