It Ended With “Red”

Okay everyone I got gossip for you all.! Taylor Swift is single AGAIN.!!! That girl is going to run out of men to date lmao.!

The three months romance, meeting parents, friends, traveling the world is done for the Hiddleston-Swift.! Now apparently it ended because well Taylor just isn’t a red carpet with a man type of woman.! Tom wanted her to accompany him to his red carpet affair and she was not having that.! Now if you don’t know yet, Taylor does not walk red carpets with ANYONE who’s not apart of her girl group or family.! He thought she would change that for him.!! Sorry prince charming that isn’t the case.!

Taylor was starting to worry he was falling in love with the idea of being with her.! He I guess was loving the private jets she flew him on, the publicity he was getting, and just being in the spotlight because he was with her.! He was excited for the fame and she didn’t want to be used.! So they amicably split.! He didn’t want to hide the relationship and he wanted an arm candy to take places, while she wanted her space and only wanted him when need be.! Oh BOY.!! LOLS.! Well that summer romance ended quickly.! Lets see who she gets with next.!!!


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