Hey everyone I got some juicy gossip for everyone.!

So if you haven’t heard yet Ariana Grande and Mac Miller are apparently an item now.! YUCK.!!!! I don’t like them together but at the end of the day it’s not my relationship.! Why is it that she has to have a man to date.? She just broke up with her ex boyfriend and even fired him from being her backup dancer about a month ago.! Then a week after the breakup you hear about her and Mac Miller being together all the time then they made it snapchat official just a few days ago.!

Now if you guys don’t remember Mac Miller starred as Ariana’s boyfriend in “The Way” music video where they kissed and she said that she hated kissing him because he smokes and his breath smelt terrible.! Well he collaborated AGAIN on one of her song’s for a remix.! He remixed Into You and now I guess they are dating for publicity.! Honestly with Ariana Grande’s track record with men it will last for a year or even less.!! She’s becoming a Taylor Swift.!


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