Adrienne engaged twice within a Year

Hey everyone.! I got some more juicy celeb gossip.!

Now if you haven’t heard Adrienne Bailon got engaged. . . AGAIN. . . FOR THE THIRD TIME.!!!!! Yes if you remember she was engaged to Rob Kardashian (4 years), then to Lenny Santiago(6 years), now to her bf/best friend that she has known for years, but been with for 8 months Israel Houghton.!

She was recently engaged last year before calling it off 8 months later, to Lenny, which her current fiancée Israel congratulated them on. adrienne lenny engagement

I guess their living situation was a huge problem with him living in NY with his children and her just moving to LA for her job The Real Talk Show.!

Israel has children as well and I guess she loves being a stepmother LOL.! Her ring is bigger and the proposal was better as well.! He proposed to her while they were in Europe, Paris to be exact since they were traveling there for the whole summer and he flew in her parents for their Anniversary and once they celebrated her parents anniversary he popped the question to which she said yes. She then of course showed off the ring.!!!

Either way I wish her nothing, but happiness and hey here’s hoping third time is in fact a charm.!


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