Jelena Is Definitely Dead

If you had any hope that Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez was going to reconcile their relationship then I am very sorry to inform you that it will NOT be happening.!

Don’t get me wrong they were THE couple when they were solid for those 2 years.! Then they were on and off and it became more of a routine to just be together since they didn’t know anything different.! They were each other’s first true love, each other’s first everything, and the more people told them not to be together the more they tried to prove them wrong, but Justin’s cheating self is something Selena couldn’t subject herself to anymore.! Respectively they both moved on and still talked to each other, probably until now.!

Justin posted a picture of a lady friend.! We don’t know who she is or if they are even dating, BUT his “FANS” started bashing her.! Calling her names and being very rude.! So his response was to write to everyone and say he will make his page private because his fans kept being so rude to his friends and he had enough.! Selena then came in and commented under his photo defending the Beliebers, but it angered Justin.! This is what was said…….


After all of this Justin deactivated his Instagram.! Now not only was #SelenadestroysJustinParty trending at #4 on Twitter, BUT now #JustinDeactivatedParty is trending now at #5.

Selena since snapchatted a picture saying she is sorry and what she did was selfish and unfair.!!

I guess Jelena is really dead and Justin just had enough.!! RIP JELENA


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