Tamar & THE REAL

Okay so if you haven’t heard Tamar is still apparently bitter with her ex co-hosts.! She shaded Adrienne Bailon and Tamera Mowry for showing up to her child’s birthday party to just “take pictures” and then they left.! She even shaded Loni Love after Loni’s interview saying they haven’t talked in a while but she wish all if this hasn’t happened.! Tamar said in a tweet that she wish people will stop talking about her if she was such a bad person.!


Tamera Mowry did a periscope chat and a fan asked if her and Tamar still talk and she said yes, BUT Tamar said she hasn’t talked to NOONE since the whole airplane ride.! Apparently her and Tamera were both on the same flight and I guess they said hi but that was it.! She went on a twitter rant “CLEARING things up.! Honestly no one knows what is going on with Tamar.! We don’t know if she is just still bitter about her and ONLY HER being fired from “THE REAL” or what.! But as far as we can see no one honestly says anything bad about her.! No one worries about her.! Adrienne Bailon is traveling Europe with her boyfriend, which you can check on her snapchat realadrienneb, Tamera I believe is doing a movie and has been busy with her two children and husband, Jeanine Mai is traveling with her mother back to their hometown, and Loni is a comedian who has a performance to put on each week.! So why she thinks people really care about her and why she feel the need to talk negative about them NOONE UNDERSTANDS.!!

Don’t you have another talk show in the works.?? Thanks to your husband for setting it up.! Yes Steve Harvey is giving her own show.! But NOONE has heard anything else about it since her interview with Steve.! But she said she is working on a new album.! At least she will be busy with something and won’t have to spread such jealousy and negativity around.!





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