Ellen Helps The “Future” Hiddlestons.?

Taylor Swift is one of the highest paid celebs out there and she is getting a lot of heat from her ex Calvin Harris and even Kim Kardashian. Kim Kardashian is saying that Taylor DID know about the lyrics that her husband Kanye West sang referencing her in his Famous song.! The lyrics are as follows, “I feel like me and Taylor still might have sex/ Why? I made that bitch famous.” You can imagine Taylor’s girl group and other friends were very offended by it.! And so was Taylor she even did a whole speech about it at an awards show when she won an award.! But Kim did an interview for a magazine saying Taylor ACTUALLY did know.! That Kanye called Taylor and asked for permission.! They actually came up with the idea from a mutual friend of theirs.! And reportedly she even helped write the lyric. But since people got offended by it Taylor didn’t want to feel weird telling her people that she was in on it, so she is playing the victim.!

As for Calvin Harris, Taylor’s ex, well he went on a rant on twitter after Taylor and her reps confirmed that she helped him write his song with Rihanna called “This is what you came for.” She wanted it to be a secret, so no one will listen to it because of their relationship, which is why she used a fake name on the producing track.! But since the breakup she had her team say she is the one who wrote the song.! And Calvin did not appreciate her back stabbing and making it seem like he couldn’t get his own fame.! His rant involved Katy Perry, you know Taylor arch-enemy.! IMG_0116


What does this have to do with Ellen.? Well Taylor is now involving Ellen to try to help her and her relationship with Tom look real and genuine. She is sooo in love with him after only a month that they are talking marriage, and kids already.! And people think it is a publicity stunt so she is enlisting Ellen, a women who people respect, to help her out.!




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