That Shade Cost 10K

So apparently Selena Gomez threw major shade at her former BFF Demi Lovato & old h.s. boyfriend, Nick Jonas.! During one of Selena’s Meet & Greets a fan said they spent around $1,200 on her current Revival Tour merchandise, meet & greet, & tickets.! To which Selena reportedly replied saying “At least I don’t charge 10K”, referring to Demi and Nick’s Meet & Greet VIP package.!

Okay first of all to this “fan” if you’re going to multiple of her meet and greets and concerts while also buying her merchandise, you should expect to spend that much.! Selena Gomez charges $566 for her Meet & Greet package.! This is what it includes: MEET & GREET PACKAGE
Package to include:
One (1) premium reserved floor ticket
Priority check-in and entrance
Meet & Greet with Selena Gomez
Photo opportunity with Selena Gomez
Escorted backstage tour
Pre-show snacks and beverages
Merchandise item designed and created exclusively for package purchasers
Collectible laminate to remember your evening
Onsite check-in staff

Now lets look Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas Meet and Greet VIP package. This is what $10,000 gets you. . .  This VIP Includes you and 3 guests (4 total), A private backstage dressing room with your own rider, an exclusive backstage tour, dinner in tour catering, both Demi and Nick will come to your dressing room to sign items, take photos, and say hi! VIP side stage lounge platform access for both Demi and Nick’s sets and an individual professional photo with Demi Lovato and more but what it does not include is a concert ticket and the VIP package states that separate concert tickets are required.

At the end of the day IF Selena was throwing shade at them or not, IF this is true or not the question is will you pay for this Meet & Greet or not.?? Their tour started already and I haven’t heard about anyone using the VIP treatment.!! But then again is it really worth it if it doesn’t include a ticket.?!


What are your thoughts on this.? WORTH it OR NOT.!!


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