Taylor Sure Knows How To “Swift” Through Men

Taylor Swift, T-Swizzy, damn this girl sure knows how to swift through her men.! She was with Calvin Harris for an entire year and they even posted about their 1 year anni on IG with lovely pictures, just to break up a few weeks later.! To make it worst it was after Calvin Harris’ car accident.!

There are two rumor mills going around.! 1. He broke up with her after having to stay home all the time and being around her 24/7 and he didn’t want that anymore.! He preferred being with her few weeks at a time when he was busy.! 2. She broke it off with him. She wanted to end it after a while, but didn’t want to do it yet because of his accident.! She didn’t feel the love anymore after their wonderful vacation.! Not sure which I believe, but Calvin looks happier and Taylor Swift well she is already in another relationship 2 months after her breakup.!

Taylor Swift is dating Tom Hiddleston, the guy in Thor, Mr. Loki himself.! They were seen by one of Taylor Swift’s house for the first time, on the beach cuddling.!  Then repeatedly afterwards.! They apparently even met each other’s families and both loves the other.! Taylor’s family and friends loves that he is older and thinks this is “THE” man.! Yes, the man she will be with forever.! But then again her friends and family said the same about Calvin.! A source said, “He treats her like royalty.! He makes sure her needs are accomplished before his own, and he loves hanging with her friends. He knows how important her  SQUAD is to her and he makes sure to be apart of that whenever she wants him to be. She feels like a queen because of him and her friends and family never seen her so in love and feel treated so beautifully.”


I guess Taylor Swift won’t be swifting through men anymore (Sorry fellas).! The woman MIGHT actually have found “THE ONE”.! 😂😂😂😂 We shall check back on her dating life in about a year.!

P.S. being the top highest celeb earning $170 MILLION I was making sure I didn’t lose her and would treat her like a Queen as well.


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